7-Game Mix or 7 Game Poker is a new mixed poker game offered at one of the largest online poker rooms, Full Tilt Poker. 7-Game Poker is a mixed poker game which means it is a collection of regular card games that are played in rotations.

Further more, 7 Game Poker is a mixed limit variants which means it includes more than one betting format. This all may sound pretty complicated but in the end 7-Game mix is only as hard as the sum of all of its parts, which include 6 different card games.

Five of these games are played in the fixed limit, pot and no limit formats. Each specific game is played for 10 hands and then you will play the next game in the line-up for 10 hands and so on and so forth.

Card Games In 7 Game Poker

  • Texas Hold’em – Fixed Limit
  • 7 Card Stud H/L – Fixed Limit
  • Razz Poker – Fixed Limit
  • Omaha H/L – Fixed Limit
  • 7 Card Stud – Fixed Limit
  • Texas Hold’em – No Limit
  • Omaha Hi – Pot Limit

The only real 7 Game Poker rule is that you will play each game for 10 hands/rotation as I’ve already mentioned. The stakes in 7-Game Poker are worth mentioning because many players are confused regarding this at first. Let’s say you are playing at a $2/4 7-Game Mix table.

Obviously there is a big difference between a $2/4 fixed limit game and a $2/4 pot or no limit game. To address this problem Full Tilt has lowered the stakes during the pot limit Omaha & NL Hold’em rotations. For instance, in the example above ($2/4) the stakes for the two non-fixed limit games are $.50/$1.00.

7 Game Poker Mix

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