One of the key strategies in 7 Game Mix is to find what I like to call your opponent’s “weak games”. Very few players at the table will excel at every game so finding these weak spots and exploiting them should be a top priority.

You should also know your weaknesses and try to improve them. For example my weak spot is Razz. I have been reading up on Razz strategies and my overall results have improved.

Once you have a good feel for a player you should use the notes feature to record what you have learned because you will likely play that player again down the road.

 7 card stud poker in 2010

Seven card stud poker has been growing in popularity during the last few years. Actually each of the three Stud poker variants has grown at roughly the same pace. In 2010, 7 card stud, 7 card stud h/l and razz poker traffic levels are up around 200% compared to the same time last year and roughly 400% compared to 2008.

Each week the 2 largest online poker rooms host a huge guaranteed tournament for each Stud variant with prize pools ranging from $5,.000 to $10,000.   In this post I will give a breakdown of the current popularity for each stud poker variant in 2010.

 7 Card Stud In 2010

Seven card stud has seen an enormous increase in traffic at a wide range of stakes. At Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker alone you can find not hundreds but thousands of real money 7 card stud players around the clock. More 7 card stud tournaments are running per day in 2010 compared to the number of stud tournament that run per week in 2007.

7 Card Stud H/L In 2010    

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo has also seen a comparable increase in traffic at both ring tables and tournaments. Stud HL offers slightly less traffic than Stud at most poker rooms and the tournament action is roughly the same?

7 Game Poker Mix Strategy

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