27 Triple Draw is available in both fixed and no limit formats so the strategies can differ between the two formats. With this in mind I will focus on universal 27 triple draw strategies that will help you regardless of which format you want to play.

The most important 2-7 triple draw tips I can give you is hand selection. Below are some examples of good and bad 2-7 triple draw starting hands and how you should play them:

2-4-7-Q-Q: If there are no raises call the blind and discard the two queens

5-6-9-J-Q: The only time you should play a hand like this is if there are no raises and you are in the small or big blind. You’d either keep the 569 or just the 56 depending on the number of players in the hand and how many cards they drew, which you might not know depending on your position.

2-3-9-J-K – This is a terrible hand that should only be played if you’re playing heads-up. You’d keep the 239.

So much depends on your position at the table I can’t really give you a set guide on hand selection. As a general rule of thumb you should play starting hands with 3 cards that are 8 or less and raise with 4 cards of 8 or less. The average winning hand at a full 6 seat ring table is around 8-9 high.

2-7 Triple Draw Tip & Strategy

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