2-7 single draw is a five card draw variants that is available at the internets most popular poker room, Pokerstars. 2-7 single draw is also an offshoot of the more popular 2-7 triple draw which made a big comeback in 2009.

As 2-7 Triple Draw grows so to will 27 single draw. This article will teach you the rules of 2-7 single draw and some of the basic strategies you can use to become a winning 27 TD player.

 How To Play 2-7 Single Draw Poker

 The major difference between 5 card draw and 27 single draw is the objective. In five card draw you want the highest hand and in 2-7 single draw you want the lowest. It is a lot like comparing 7 card stud and razz poker, only there are a few special rules in 27 single draw.

The game starts two players putting in the blinds, just like in Holdem. Each player is then dealt 5 cards. After viewing their cards each player gets a chance to check, bet, call or fold, depending on the situation. Then each player gets to draw cards. You can opt to not draw any or draw up to 5 new cards. After this there is another betting round. The player with the lowest hand wins, but there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Aces are ALWAYS high (bad)
  • Straights are high
  • Flushes are high

If none of these rules came into play the best hand would be an A-5 straight but that is not the case. Thus the best hand in 2 7 single draw is 23457, which you will receive much less often than you get pocket rockets in Holdem.

2-7 Single Draw Strategy

I want to share some basic tips on playing 27 single draw at Poker stars. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is only available in the no limit format at Poker stars. This is somewhat odd because 2-7 triple draw is played almost exclusively in the fixed limit format.

The most important 2-7 single draw strategy is hand selection. You only want to play hands that include 3 or more cards under 10 in most cases. Always keep the odds in mind when you are deciding when to call someone’s suspected bluff.

If you have a king high hand and the other player bet before & after the draw, drawing 2 cards himself, knowing the odds of him having a better hand than you is very important. This is especially true when you factor in the pot odds. Needless to say there is a lot of bluffing in 2-7 single draw.

2-7 Single Draw

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